Crystal Masterclass with Carol Soto - Day 1

Day One: Crystals Masterclass with Carol Soto


How to top into your infinite potential through the healing power of crystals. What moves you? What makes you heart quicken, skip a beat? Mine is love, align with my purpose which it is teaching and love.

In day one our focus will be:

  • Why do we need crystals?
  • Terminology
  • How crystals work?
  • The elements
  • Does crystal really heal?
  • Alignment Activity


Why do we need crystals?

  • Amplify and Raise Energy Vibrations
  • Great for you, your space, the land and pets
  • Help us experience our own energy
  • Help us ground
  • Transmute energy
  • Help you make positive changes in your life
  • Help us to balance our chakra system





A solid whose molecules (or atoms) are naturally arranged in a definite repeating geometric pattern, a visible crystallized form. Ex: Quartz, Pyrite, Tourmaline..”



Only 4% of the world's stones qualify as gemstones. These are precious and/or semi-precious stones that are strong enough to be cut, polished and used for jewellery-making. Ex: Aquamarine, Moonstone, Garnet...



A naturally occurring inorganic solid with an internal crystalline structure, generally made out of one sole chemical composition. Ex: Feldspar, Mica, Calcite, Beryl...



Unlike minerals, they contain several chemical components combined into a solid mass and can be made of organic matter. Ex: Dolomite, Obsidian, Unakite...



A generic and commonly used term designating small specimens that have been polished (tumbled stones).”


How do crystals work?

  • Channels of energy
  • Here to help us shine, guide us, and teach us life lessons
  • Heal us by restoring our inner balance


The four elements

 These four elements represent different qualities and experiences resonating with areas of our lives:

  • The element of Earth traditionally represents the foundation of matter. It is also physical body and our health, as well as our foundation in our home life, career and surrounding environment.
  • The element of Water usually signifies our senses, emotions and intuition. It also embodies our deep and intimate relationship with our own self as well as with other people.
  • The element of Fire typically associated with our will power and our sense of evolution. It also involves all aspects of our mental energy and our capacity to manifest in the outer world.
  • The element of Air stands for that space or void between all the elements, as well as our sense of self-awareness, consciousness, inner truth. The air symbolizes our connection to the Universe.


Crystals and the elements

  • Earth – The Physical Body – Nurture and cherish our body while creating a strong grounded base allowing us to grow and evolve in this world in a safe and secure way.
  • Water – Emotional Body – Understand, embrace and embody our feelings with confidence, as we open the doors to developing a strong sense of intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Fire - The mind body – Regain and embrace our inner strength and willpower so that our deepest dreams and goals can become a reality.
  • Air – The spirit body – Seek and reach inner peace, deep meaning, soulful purpose and connection with all that is.


Do crystals really heal? 

  • Is about your heart and not your mind
  • Crystals are tools to aid in our healing
  • Crystals ca support rituals, clean any energies and help you release


Day 1 ~ Alignment Activity


Take some time now and think about areas within your body and life that you would like to address with Crystal.   You may find the following questions helpful.  

  1. On a physical level the things I would like to shift within my body are:
  1. With regard to my emotional well-being, I would like to feel more of this emotion ……and release this emotion…. 
  1. With regard to my career or life purpose I would like help manifesting this….
  1. With regard to my family and relationships I would like to be more….
  1. With regard to my financial state, I would like to improve my ability to…. 
  1. With regard to my world, I would like to see this…changed

  Now that you have listed some areas you would like to address within your body and life, order them in priority from what you would like to address first to last.

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