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Healing/Teaching/Coaching Program

Healing/Teaching/Coaching Program

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Looking to shift your reality, body, mind, and spirit in the next 12 weeks? Keep reading 

Schedule your Coaching Strategy Call - if you have any questions.  

This program will help you develop and enhance your abilities to stay in the light during challenging times. These times are calling for you to be ready to embrace who you are and what you will become. This program is going to help you with accession and growth on the path that you came here to be. 

This is a hybrid program for healing, coaching and learning. This program incorporates energy healing, the Akashic Realm, crystal healing, among other modalities.  

If you are dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain issues, and depression. Then you need to read this!

Would you like to: 

Open up your heart

Remember your worth

Take pleasure in the things you do 

Encourage trust in yourself 

Soothe your soul 

This program is for you if:


1. Are really ready to feel freedom
2. Are you ready for a healthier and happier life
3. Are 100% committed to doing the work
4. And you are coachable…


This Program

💜 Have a sacred space to express yourself, to ask questions and to heal.
💜 Learn the origin of your pain, patterns, habits and behaviors
💜 Receive guidance, steps, and tips.
💜 Shift body, mind, spirit, and energetically.
💜 Receive high level 1-on-1 support from the masters, teachers and loved one thru me.

What you get:

🌀Answers to your questions with Akashic Records Reading as Q&A

Akashic Records Healing where we can explore:
🌀Past Life Regression
🌀Timeline Healing
🌀Balancing of Chakras
🌀Balancing of Bodies and/or Personas
🌀Clearing of Entities/dark forces/attachments
🌀Clearing of Oaths, Vows, Contracts, and or agreements

🌀 Mind Clearing
🌀 Programming
🌀 Aura Healing
🌀 Conscious/Unconscious Trauma
🌀 Soul Retrieving
🌀 Realignment of the Assemblage Point
🌀 Primary Cell Healing
🌀 DNA Activation
🌀 5D Chakra Activations
🌀 Allergies
🌀 Addiction
🌀 Cutting/dissolving the ties/cords that binds
🌀 Lineage healing  
🌀 Immune System Support

You will learn tools
🌀You will receive an Attunement- to help you clear, ground and protect. ($200 value)

If you are ready to heal and meet your true self, grab a spot today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jagu Gopar
Covid vaccine clearing and Akashic records reading

Carol is an amazing intuitive healer. She is kind and knowledgable. Her energy healing and Akashic records reading is very powerful. She has helped me clear the COVID vaccine completely out of my system, which was energetically wearing me down. I knew months after receiving the vaccine that I was energetically not the same person as before. I contributed these feelings to other environmental reasons.She detected that the effects of the vaccine was causing me to feel exhausted and separated from myself energetically. After the clearing I felt more balanced and better in my physical and mental body! I am so grateful that I was introduced to this beautiful soul who really wants to help heal everyone. Thanks so much Carol!❤️🙏🏼


Carol is not only a phenomenal healer, but teacher and guide. She will share with you what you need to know for your next step as you integrate your healing, which will truly rock your universe! The healings I receive, leave me feeling whole and it gets to the source of the disharmony. When I am in harmony, I feel the universe singing, and the places we go so much fun and just a leveling up happens too! Thank you for being you.

Dawn L
Amazing Healing

Carol is a beautiful and gentle soul who uses her gifts to help others move along their spiritual journey. After Carols chakra upgrade and alignment I felt so renewed. I woke up the next day and felt like myself for the first time in years. WOW you are amazing and I am so blessed to have had the chance to work with you on my journey. If you are looking for some help to realign and clear your energy centers and emotions then you should work with Carol. You won't be disappointed with your session or the results.

Amazing Program

Carol is an amazing and supportive healer/teacher/coach. Her program is 1:1 and tailored to your unique needs regardless of what type of healing you may need, whether your're conscious of it or not! Her work with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones is immensely helpful in learning what the snipets of information Spirit gives us means, your purpose and maintaining your path. You won't be disappointed!