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Akashic Records Level 1 Training/Teaching

Akashic Records Level 1 Training/Teaching

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Our 6-Weeks Akashic Records training!!

This is perfect for personal development or if you're looking to expand your current business with a new modality.

Akashic Records training is an in depth, certification that will show you how to open the Akashic Records for yourself and for others, and understand the messages you receive so you can tap into the unlimited spiritual knowledge to guide you or help others.

You will receive a Certification for Akashic Records Practitioner Level 1

There will also be a private Facebook group to connect with others in the class, ask questions, and practice your new skills!

All classes will be held over zoom video conferencing.


🌟Accessing your Akashic Records
🌟Grounding & preparation for going into the Akashic Records
🌟Accessing others Akashic Records
🌟Accessing your relationships, family, business, and thing Akashic Records
🌟 Guided Meditations, Healings, and more

Healing: Activate and Align your Chakras
Bonus: Activate Pillar of Light
Healing: Clearing Clutter of Your Mind
Healing : Attunment to access The Records
Bonus Healing: Trust
Bonus Healing: Courage
Bonus: Activate Automatic Writing
Meditations: Preparation to Open The Records
Meditation: Experience The Akash
Meditation: To Open Your Records

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Customer Reviews

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Akashic Record Reader Level 1

Carol is an amazing teacher and healer in all of her teachings, and this one is no exception. To gain the ability to speak with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones to obtain insight into your life...the good, bad, and priceless. It can lead to profound healing and be deeply transformative if you are willing to follow the breadcrumbs, guidance, and support, layer by layer, of the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. I absolutely loved this course and look forward to more courses with Carol.