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Crystal Reiki Training/Teaching

Crystal Reiki Training/Teaching

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Crystal Reiki Level 1,  Level 2 & Level 3

6 week Certification Course with Carol Soto, Crystal Reiki Master and Reiki Master Usui Lineage

Reiki is a technique for relaxation that also promotes deep healing. This is a warm and soothing energy that flows in many ways but now you can incorporate crystals to incorporate the healing energies from the crystals.

Through this course you'll learn what Crystal Reiki is, how to access it, how to do self healing and healing on others. We'll also spend time talking about distance healing and how to offer Reiki virtually.

This is perfect for personal development or if you're looking to expand your current business with a new modality.

The course includes one attunement as well which are held 1:1. You will receive a Certification for Crystal Reiki.

There will also be a private Facebook group to, ask questions, and practice your new skills!

P.S 2 Reiki Level 1 is requiered for this certification

What you would learn:
Week 1
What is crystal Reiki and how it works
History of crystal Reiki
How crystals works
Does crystals really heal
How does crystal Reiki works

Week 2
Let the magic in
Benefits of Crystal Reiki
The different Structures
Crystals and Shapes

Week 3
Choosing a Crystal
How to select your crystals
Crystals you will want to be cautious with
How to care for your crystals
-store your crystals

Week 4
Performing Crystal Reiki Self-treatments
Performing Crystal Reiki for others

Week 5
Crystal Reiki Symbols
Crystal Reiki Grids
Crystal Reiki for the home, animals and others

Week 6


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Customer Reviews

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Paula Lupkovich
Great learning experience

Best decision to take this course, I've been selling crystals for a while and incorporating the Reiki healing has put me on a whole new level, Carol is always there to help take you through all the steps and answer all your questions and you always have access to all the information if you ever need to look something up.

Crystal Reiki

I highly recommend Carol Soto for teaching Crystal Reiki, I now incorporate it in my Reiki Healing sessions.
Thank you so much Carol, you are amazing and the sessions are well worth it! 💜💫