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21 Day Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras

21 Day Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras

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Remove Financial Blockages from All Chakras

Day 1 - Financial Blockages
Day 2 - I am unworthy & undeserving of having financial freedom.
Day 3 - I must be poor in order to be humble/close to God/Devine/Source.
Day 4 - Fear of success
Day 5 - integrate or catch up
Day 6 - Fear the responsibility and accountability that comes with financial success
Day 7 -“I am supposed to be poor must suffer financially and struggle for my existence all my life” Day 8 - I am supposed to feel guilty for desiring financial prosperity/ for having financial abundance. Day 9 - Anxiety over financial. 
Day 10 -  integrate or catch up 
Day 11 - Fear my future finance  
Day 12 - Surrender to success  

Day 13 - Fear there is ever enough/ there is not going to be enough abundance 

Day 14 - it's unfair for me to have money 

Day 15 Integrate or catch up 

Day 16 - Giving myself permission to be financially independent.

Day 17 -Clearing baking accounts

Day 18 - I am worthy of Financial Prosperity.

Day 19 - Financial Abundance 

Day 20 integrate or catch up 

Day 21 Clear, ground and protect

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Leslie Hansen
Beautiful!! 💕💕

Carol has such beautiful energy!! Full of love and light!! She is so powerful!! She really knows what she is doing and embodies pure light!! Beautiful soul and spirit!! Every time I interact with her, I feel balanced and at peace! I cannot wait until the day I am able to have her as my mentor and coach!! I will accomplish everything I need with her at my side! I love her and consider her my friend and soul sister!!

Amber Harrison
Carol is an incredible soul !

Her energy is beautiful, light, loving,fun and contagious. I left our session with her smiling and feeling so loved (after I had a nice therapeutic cry). She is a Reiki healer, and her meditations are very calming and help you to relax deeply and accept the healing and teaches how to grow that healing knowledge and protection. She always brings through the perfect energy and guidance you need. She creates such a safe environment, and if you are looking for any kind of guidance or healing I suggest Carol with all my heart! She has helped bring so much fun,unconditional love and joy back into my life.

Absolutely the best

If you're looking for a safe and loving space and person to start or continue your spiritual and healing journey look no further, this is the place to be. Carol is loving and kind and will work with you every step of the way. She will share her knowledge and help direct you in the areas that need to be worked on and healed. She is spot on accurate with aura and chakras that need attention. Once you start working with her I promise you you'll keep working with her 💜

Carol is amazing

Carol has been my reiki healer for almost 2 years. She is also my reiki master as I am learning reiki from her as well. I highly recommend any services carol provides.
She works with unconditional love to heal and transmute negative energies. She works without judgement, and this is so important for her clients! Thank You Carol for all you do for the collective. Wings Up!