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Reiki Infused Crystal Candle Subscription

Reiki Infused Crystal Candle Subscription

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Subscription based plan to where you would receive a Reiki Infused Crystal Candle. Attunement to the energy of the month will determine what crystals are added to the candle. Candle sizes will either be 4 oz. or 8 oz. The fragrance will be chosen by your personal preference or by the energy of the month.

This Month's candle will help helping you with feeling enough. 

I am more than enough - ‘I am enough just as I am in this very moment.’

Fragrance - May Day -  Say hello to spring with this fresh and fruity scent. It has notes of lavender, spring air, lemon, jasmine, mint, pineapple blossom, musk, amber, and birch bark.


ESSENTIAL MEANING: Loyalty, trust, steadfastness, self-respect, trusting that the Conscious Universe has your back

Lemon Jade

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Treasures within, a consciousness of abundance, recognizing that you are more than enough. Lemon Jade is spiritually believed to provide emotional, physical and spiritual stability.

Rose Quartz

ESSENTIAL MEANING: Self-love, self-worth, being enough, worthiness


ESSENTIAL MEANING: Intuition, insight, inner wisdom, inner voice

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Customer Reviews

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Hope Bunch
First candle subscription

I’m so excited for this subscription!! I got my first candle this month and I love it!! It’s so beautiful! It was packaged so pretty and had a special extra surprise for being my first subscription. It burned very clean and all the way down with no problems. I felt a sense of calm and peace while burning it. I can’t wait to see what May brings!